Vinny Budiman 12 Okt 2011

While out on the sea of life
One very dark and stromy day
I started drifting far from shore
I had lost my way
I heard voices calling out to me
Because they knew that i was love
But i wanted to go my own way
Not talking time to count the cast
I heard one voice say :
"Here, catch this lifeline and I'll put you in."
But i thought knew what was best
So i continued in my sin
The father out i drifted
The lonelier and colder i became
It was the i asker, the Lord
"Do you know where i am?"
"Can you hear me calling out your name?"
I said "Lord, i'm so scared and lonely.
I can't stay out here alone.
Please send me Your guilding light.
So, i can find my way back home."